With Photography – Paperback

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The content of this version of With Photography is exactly the same as the Hard Back Limited Edition but it is a paperback and printed on text book quality paper.



PAPERBACK ISBN:  978-0992840716

Paperback, text book quality edition, Full Colour – 430 Fully Illustrated pages with over 1300 photographs.

The concept of ‘With Photography – not just an autobiography’ is unusual. Using the author’s own photographs and those by outside contributors when the story demands it, With Photography is an expansive exploration of the medium led by photographs that illustrate the different and varied uses of photography, from the Victorian era until now. Sally explores many diverse threads in ‘With Photography’.

Powerful in many ways, photography has changed and continues to change the course of history in the making, affecting the way we think and behave in our daily lives – With Photography pinpoints and unpicks the medium discouraging today’s tendency to take photography for granted.