Reviews of ‘With Photography – not just an autobiography’

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Email review of ‘With Photography™- not just an autobiography’

From: Tricia Evans

Subject: LOVED your book

Date: 20 April 2014 04:10:28 BST

Hi Sally,

Just a quick note to say that I finished reading your book last night & I absolutely LOVED it.

It arrived about a week ago, & it wasn’t what I expected at all – I think I’d expected a glossy ‘coffee table-type’ book with just page after page of beautiful & stunning photos.  It was that at one level, but it went 1,000 times deeper than that.  I literally read it from cover to cover, & felt I was viewing your life through a lens.  Apart from anything else, it was an extremely clever concept, but I loved the layers in it – so people can read it at whatever layer they feel comfortable.

It was honest, raw at times, really interesting & I’m sure was an incredibly healing process for you to write & put together.

As I get older, one thing I’m very clear about is that I like to spend time with people who go beyond the normal pleasantries – & I’ve done some amazing experiential healing & counselling courses myself over the last 15 years or so. So at every level, I enjoyed reading this book, & can see myself often dipping in to it again in future.

So thanks for sending it, & I’m glad I was able to play a tiny part in getting it published.


Tricia xx

Tricia Evans is a Leadership Coach in the UAE

Tricia Evans